High Tatras – night at the Lomnický štít mt. 2.634m

One night at the top of the Lomnický štít 2.634m with 3 beautiful mountain panoramas: sunset, night and the sunrise. Enjoy! 

360° Panorama of the sunset at the Lomnický štít mountain, High Tatras, Slovakia. High Tatras lay on the border between Slovakia and Poland, on the panorama you can see very wide view over these Middle European countries. The building at the picture is the upper cable car station with the cafe/restaurant and an apartment. At the top of the building you can see the observatorium.

360° Panorama shot in the middle of the night at the Lomnický štít peak, High Tatras, Slovakia. Scientists in the Observatorium are still awake :)

Waiting for the sunrise, Observatorium at Lomnický štít 2.634m, High Tatras, Slovakia