My name is Igor Socha, I am originally from Slovakia, however for the past few years I have mostly lived in a beautiful region of Tyrol and Alps.

Although not a photographer by profession (I have a degree in Natural Sciences – Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology), my interest in photography has prevailed and in 2006 I decided to establish my own business as a professional photographer.

Since that time I have mostly focused on the Landscape, Architecture and Interior (Hotel & Real Estate) Photography, but the specialization in which I am a real expert (and which I love the most) is Panoramic Photography and interactive Virtual Tours production.

Since having started my own business in 2006 I created more than 3000 panoramas (mostly full 360°x180) and Virtual Tours for a large variety of clients: from municipal representatives, hotel/pension/restaurant owners and managers through accommodation portals and large newspapers up to NGOs, schools, museums and galleries, even the real estate agents or different private companies. Thus I have a vast knowledge and experience in creating and bringing the highest quality content to every type of my clients.

I always listen to my clients attentively and do my best to fulfil their requirements and wishes to their maximum satisfaction! Whether it is a typical interior hotel Photography, a few simple Panoramas for a small pension or a highly sophisticated interactive Virtual Tour with a rich content such as audio, spoken word, videos etc., I always try to utilise my knowledge and creativity to offer the best possible quality for a reasonable price.

If you like my work, it will be my pleasure to find some way for a mutually beneficial cooperation. Let me help you promote your business on the highest possible level!

Thank you for visiting my website!



“Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools.”
Napoleon Bonaparte